TechTimeOutYes technology can enhance learning, BUT sometimes, we all need to take a break from technology to engage in the world around us. I have to admit, I am a bit over-connected too, and sometimes I miss connecting with my children. Twisted Scholar, Inc., contacted Tech Talk for Moms to share a new program, called TechTimeout Academic Challenge, an educational program geared toward schools. The program includes family information packets, classroom activity guides, and bonus materials to encourage students to take a break from their electronics to gain a perspective of their own media use.

Twisted Scholar, Inc. has partnered with Foresters™ , a life insurance provider, to create the Tech Timeout Academic Challenge – Disconnecting from Technology (for a while) Program. The Tech Timeout is a fun and innovative program that challenges students, teachers and parents to shut down their digital devices for a few days and discuss or write about the experience. The program is not anti-technology, it is simply a way to also allow us to gain a new perspective on the wonderful things does technology offer!

If you are an Educator or a Parent and you think your school could benefit from the TechTimeout Academic Challenge, visit their website: TechTimeOut Academic Challenge .

Tynker Releases a New App which Teaches Kids How to Code

iPad Apps for Kids

An article from called, “Teach Kids How To Code and You Give Them A Skill For Life“,  shares with parents and educators why coding is an essential skill for children to learn. The article contributor, Nick Morrison quotes Clare Sutcliffe, saying, (in reference to coding) “But teaching coding is about much more than helping […]

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Let’s Be Social App Developed by Speech Pathologists to Teach Social Skills

Apps for Education

  Let’s be Social, an app for teaching social skills, now comes with the accessibility feature text-to-speech! Let’s be Social is an app developed by speech-language pathologists to teach social skills. The app targets the pragmatic skills of forming friendships, recognizing emotions, problem solving, and predicting outcomes. Create your own lessons: One of the main features is the flexibility […]

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Apps to Improve Health and Life Focus

Apps for health

Apps to help you take baby steps to a healthier lifestyle. Gratitude Journal- Gratitude Journal is an app which allows users to easily log 5 Things they are Grateful for everyday. Using the Gratitude Journal app is a wonderful way to end everyday and bring awareness to appreciate the things that we do have in […]

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