How and Why to make XML sitemap

by Beckie Mostello

in Search Engine Optimization

Here is a helpful and super important SEO tip, there is a difference between an HTML sitemap and an XML sitemap. An HTML sitemap is for your website visitors and the XML sitemap is for the search engines. The XML sitemap is important because it helps search engine spiders see pages of your website.

To create a XML sitemap, visit You can type in your web address and it will automatically create an XML sitemap. Once the sitemap is created, you will need to save it an upload it to your server.

Also if you have a wordpress blog, there is a plugin called XML sitemap generator that will make an XML sitemap for your blog

The lesson here is if you have a website, check to see if you have a XML sitemap. You can do this by typing in If there is not an XML map there, you better get one.

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