iPhone Apps for Weight Loss and Fitness

by Beckie Mostello

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I have 10 pounds to lose!  So I am turning to some iPhone apps to help me along the way! An app I am using to log my food and exercise is called Lose It! I plug in the amount I want to loose in a week and the app calculates how many calories I need to eat in a day.  This app is super handy because I can log my food and exercise on the go!  I can even invite friends for motivation. For some extra motivation, Lose It! has a Facebook fan page to check in with others and their progress. So far Lose It! has helped me stay accountable to my goals. ( It is almost like a game!) I am hoping for some good results soon!

Another great app in my weight loss arsenal is, Shop to Lose: Weight, etc., a Personal Dietitian in the Pocket. With this app, I can search for healthy foods by categories. For instance, let’s say I want to buy some cold cereal, I can choose cereal and choose my target, weight control. Shop to Lose will give me a recommended product list of cereals that will help with weight control. So if I am grocery shopping and I am unsure which products are best for my weight loss goals, I can use this app to help me make better choices. Shop to Lose also has several more features to help with a healthy lifestyle. See the Shop to Lose website for more information.

In addition to keeping track of my food, I also use an iPhone app called Go Pedometer, yes, iPhones even have pedometers! Go Pedometer uses an advanced Smart Step technology for accurate steps detection and automatic calibration. I have found this app to be pretty accurate. When I take my walks I simply activate Go Pedometer and put it in my pocket. I can see how many calories I have burned along with time and distance.

So far I have found it to be super handy to have all of my weight loss tools organized on my iPhone. It gives me a peace of mind and helps me focus on my weight loss goals.

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