What is HootSuite and How to Use it for Your Small Business

by Beckie Mostello

in Twitter Tips

Lately I have found myself to be using HootSuite more often than logging into my Twitter account.  HootSuite is an extremely useful social media dashboard that allows a user to watch multiple “streams” at one time. HootSuite Users can manage followers, schedule tweets, monitor Facebook, create streams for keywords and twitter lists, view their home feed, view their mentions and direct messages all at the same time. There is so much that HootSuite can do that I don’t have the space to explain it all. One main reason in addition to several reasons why like HootSuite, is because I can go to the HootSuite website and it will remember by user and password. One less thing I have to log into.

Two important streams I use on HootSuite are a “Keyword Stream” and a “List Stream” . Why create a stream for a keyword? Simple. When you watch the “Keyword Stream“, you will see all of the tweets people have made on Twitter about that keyword. The keyword tweets will also include  people you may not be following. For instance,  let’s say you sell Baby Slings. Set up a “Keyword Stream” for Baby Slings. Watch the stream. Someone may send out a tweet asking about Baby Slings. There is an opportunity to jump on, reply to the person and tell them about your Baby Sling product along with a  link to your product in the tweet. (If you don’t have time to constantly watch twitter, you can always check the “Keyword Stream” and reply to tweets at a convenient time) In addition to a Keyword Stream, I find my “List Stream” to be just as important. I create a “List Stream” to keep up with important contacts I have through Twitter. I like to Re-Tweet good info/tweets I find from my “List Stream” . ( More info about Twitter Lists)

Directions to set up a Keyword Stream

  1. Choose “Add Stream” at the top of the HootSuite dashboard
  2. Choose ” Keyword” from the choices
  3. Type in a keyword or a few keywords into the box
  4. Voila, you now should have a stream with specific tweets relative to the keyword(s).

Directions to set up Twitter “List Stream”

  1. Choose  “Add Stream” at the top of the HootSuite dashboard
  2. Choose “List” from the choices.
  3. Add the name of the “List” you had created in your Twitter account
  4. Voila, you should be able to see a stream filled only with your Twitter List contacts

Do you use HootSuite?  How do you set up your Streams and what HootSuite Tools have you found useful?



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