Free Hosting vs. Paid Hosting in Blogging

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If you are currently blogging or thinking about starting a blog, there are several ingredients you’ll need to achieve success. While anyone can open up a free account on one of the dozens of blogging platforms, it takes the right technical tools to create a site that gains traction in the crowded and noisy blogosphere. The question that most beginner bloggers must ask themselves is whether to go for a free or paid hosting solution when launching their website.

With free hosting the main advantage is the lower cost associated with bandwidth and storage fees. With a free host you won’t have to pay a domain registrar to register your own unique web address. However, the downside is that your blog will not stick out as well with a domain name like, as it is longer and harder to remember. Additionally, most of the good free blogging sub domain names have already been taken with their being millions of live blogs on Google’s Blogger and the free version of WordPress. Although less is required with regards to site management when choosing a free hosting solution, overall this is a negative because you’ll have less control over the look and feel of your blog. Crucially this can lead to website visitors very quickly forgetting your blog as it will look so similar to others on the web.

When you choose paid hosting, you will have an annual domain registration fee (usually under $10) and monthly hosting costs. However, as storage space and bandwidth fall in price, there are many web hosting plans which are under $5 per month and packed with features. The biggest advantage you’ll gain from going with paid hosting is increased storage for better graphics and video, as well as tools to help you customize the look and feel of your site. Most web hosting plans come with excellent website stat analysis programs that let you see how people are arriving to your site and the most popular pages on it. You can also choose a domain name that is unique to your site without or trailing behind it.

Website usability studies consistently show that short unique and fun sounding domain names, even if they are not actual words are the best choice. While it may be tempting to get a .info .net or even .org domain name because there are more choices than in the .com arena, it is still recommended to go with a .com domain as these are more easily remembered by the general public.

While it is always tempting to go for the low cost solution, especially when first starting out, most bloggers find the paid hosting route to be well worth the investment. For a discount on a great hosting package suitable for bloggers check out the hostgator promo code which offers savings on the standard web hosting package.

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