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by Beckie Mostello

in Blogging Tips

All to often I come across a new small business website and more times than not I notice that the Business Blog is running on a Google Blogger platform with a BlogSpot address. Immediately I want to contact the business owner and tell them to get their blog onto WordPress.org!

The better choice for a business blog attached to an ecommerce/website is to use a WordPress.org Content Management System for the blog rather than the free Google Blogger Platform . The blog should be self hosted on the website’s domain. For example, the  preferred url of the business blog should be

http://www.yourdomain.com/blog rather than http:www.yourdomain.blogspot.com

A wordpress.org blog can be uploaded to the website hosting files. Often times the Web Hosting Company will have the option to add a wordpress.org blog. When a new blog post is created  on a wordpress.org blog, the new content will contribute to the Search Engine Optimization of the website. When a Google Blogger Platform is used, Google will see the blog as separate from the website, therefore the content will not contribute to the Search Engine Optimization of the Business website. AND the key thing to remember is the Google likes new content!

HubSpot, an Internet Marketing Resource, says the following about using Google Blogger for Business…….

Google Doesn’t Need The Help:  Lets assume you have a company website (you do have a company website, don’t you?).  This website is probably on its own domain (example:  yourcompany.com)  By hosting your blog as a sub-domain on BlogSpot.com you’re basically depriving your primary website of any real search engine optimization.  Instead, if you’re using blogspot.com, you’re kind of benefiting Google instead.  Trust me, Google does not need your help to rank highly on its own search engine.  Even if you don’t switch blogging platforms, please do yourself a favor and get your own “real” domain now.  At least this way, if you decide to switch later, you won’t lose all the search engine optimization (SEO) that you’ve built up. Read more: Why Business Blogs Should Not Be on BlogSpot

More helpful information can also be found at Mint Blogger, 12 Deadly Sins of a Small Business Blog

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