Five Tips for Capturing Perfect Holiday Family Photos

by Guest Blogger

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Thanks to Kate Hare, VP of Products at Photobucket for the following helpful tips!

Like it or not, we’ve officially kicked off the 2011 holiday season. And for a lot of families, that means one thing – time for the annual holiday card photo shoot.

While some families like to up the ante each year by making it a professional production, there’s still hope for the rest of us who hope to keep this family tradition from getting out of control.

Kate Hare is VP of Products over at Photobucket, but she’s also a mother and designated family photo-taker, making her uniquely qualified to address this topic. Below is her sage advice for tip-top family photos this season:

  1. Have a plan: Decide on a theme, determine positioning of people and set the stage before gathering the troops. Getting organized in advance goes a long way toward making the process a painless one
  2. Dress for success: Choose clothing that is comfortable, neat and not too trendy, avoiding distracting prints or patterns. If it’s a group shot, consider coordinating outfits without appearing too ‘matchy-matchy’
  3. Remember the reason: Avoid shots that are too posed, and keep an eye out for those unexpected light moments, which often make for the best memories. Think about including the family pet or creating some kind of group interaction, which adds a more relaxed, natural feel
  4. Timing is everything: Plan on taking photos early in the day (before kids get grumpy) or later in the afternoon to avoid the mid-day glare of the sun. And for the clearest shots regardless of whether you’re indoors or out, make sure the light source is behind the photographer
  5. Filter for effect: Finally, take advantage of filtering options on the camera (or smartphone), such as our Snapbucket app, to edit your images and add that extra dash of holiday cheer


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