How Do You Use Your iPad ?

by Beckie Mostello

in iPad

Apple iPad, what is all the fuss about? When the Apple iPads came out a while ago, I thought my family really did not need one. We have several gadgets laying about the house, we did not need another electronic! I was wrong. Recently, my husband was lucky enough to win an iPad 2. My family, loves it!  The iPad 2 has been extremely handy for airplane trips and great for “fill in” activities for the kids when we are waiting for art class to start. ( My son constantly needs to have his hands moving so it keeps him busy).

I am amazed at the various ways we use our iPad. I prefer using it in the kitchen for cooking. I bring up my favorite recipe website, and follow my cooking directions directly from the iPad. The kids love using the iPad to read children’s Books such as Go There Square, and play children’s App games. My daughter enjoys an App game called Bakery Story. For my husband, the iPad has almost taken place of his laptop, he enjoys keeping up with the latest in sports with the Sports Illustrated Magazine App and he reads the daily news on the CNN App. Plus he has developed an addiction to the Angry Birds game!

I am very surprised at what a wonderful resource our iPad has become. I really was not expecting the convenience it has brought to our family. I can only imagine what my kids will be using for their family entertainment in the future.

How do you use your iPad? What Apps do you prefer? How has it helped with your family life?

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