Backyard at Twilight: A Stella and Sam Adventure on the iPad

by Beckie Mostello

in Apps For Kids

Our new iPad 2 finally arrived and the kids have been having lots of fun playing new games and books! One new book/game my son tried was Backyard at Twilight , which is a part of the Stella and Sam Adventures. The Backyard at Twilight App includes a simple story and fun nature games for kids to explore. My son’s favorite game on Backyard at Twilight is Connect the Stars. In this game, players are able to connect stars with their fingers to make fun constellations. My son enjoyed seeing the constellation images “magically” appear after he connected the stars.  He liked this game so much he actually sat and played for quite a while, which is a rare occasion for him!

More Information about Backyard at Twilight

Play alongside Stella and Sam and their dog Fred as they spend a night camping out in their backyard. Look for bugs in the tent, discover constellations among the stars and learn about shapes with the fireflies. From zinc Roe games, the makers of the award-winning Tickle Tap Apps, the Stella and Sam Interactive Adventures combine stunning animation with three elegantly-designed activities.

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