Keep Your Child Safe with aWareAbouts iPhone App

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aWareAbouts iPhone appaWareAbouts iPhone app keeps kids safe and parents sane. It allows parents to know where their children are at all times without spying or being overly intrusive and it is really simple to use. The app utilizes the location features of the phone along with a system of mutually agreed upon check-in times. When a check-in time comes, the app alerts your child on their phone that they need to check-in with you. They have the option of calling and talking to you or sending a message that includes the child’s location coordinates.

aWareAbouts will help both parents and kids to deal with the responsibility that comes along with the freedom of growing up. The openness of the app will prove to the child that the parent is not trying to spy on them, but instead make sure they are safe. aWareAbouts helps kids to make the right choices.

For more on aWareAbouts visit their itunes page.


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