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Be the favorite Aunt by perfecting your gift buying
Do you have a lot of young nephews and nieces that you buy clothes for? Do you have a lot of friends with young kids? So do I. Living in Hawaii, with family and friends on the mainland and in Europe, clothes are universally appreciated and easy to ship. But for kids sizing, it’s important to know the exact age of the child. Earlier this year, I found myself getting a head start on Christmas and was shopping for toddler clothes. However, I struggled with remembering the birth dates of the kids I was shopping for. Then when I did remembered the dates, I had to spend a few minutes calculating their age and then figure out how old they would be at Christmas. Do you recognize the situation?

Along came my thought “there should be an app for this”. Well, there wasn’t so I had to create one. With the help of some local app developers I founded the kiddori app for iPhone and iPod Touch (an Android version is in the works). With kiddori, you have kids’ birth dates and exact ages at your fingertips…a tap away when your shopping. kiddori does not only show the dates and current age (in years and months) but also the kids age next Christmas and also other fun info like the Chinese year, birthstone, and zodiac sign. You can also insert an image of the child and keep notes of what they like, don’t like, and gifts previously given. It’s a very useful app for anyone with young loved ones in their lives.

You can read about kiddori here: and find it in the App Store here:kiddori on itunes

Guest Post by Mattias Atterbom, kiddori Founder
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