How to Extend the Battery Life of an iPhone

by Beckie Mostello

in iPhone

My iPhone battery is a thorn in my side!  I find that when I am out and about all day long, my phone can run nearly dead by the end of the day. Here are a few tips to help extend the battery life of an iPhone. Some tips I learned at the Apple Store and some tips I have found online.

  • Turn off features that you are not using
  • Turn off the 3G: Select the Settings Icon >General>Network>Enable 3G choose off setting
  • Turn off  the Wi-Fi:  Select the Settings Icon > Select the off setting
  • Turn off Blue Tooth: Select the Settings Icon > BlueTooth > Off
  • Turn off Email Push: Settings > Mail, Contact, Calendars> Fetch New Data> Push off OR fetch data less frequently
  • Adjust the Brightness: Settings> Brightness> Adjust using the brightness bar

I have also heard that there are some Apps out there to help extend the battery life. If you know any Apps that have worked please share in the comments.

How do you extend your battery life?


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