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Winter never seems too bad at first: It’s hard to resist that warm, fuzzy feeling brought on by the impending holidays, first snowfall, a crackling fire and a steaming cup of cocoa. But after awhile, when the cold prevents your car from starting, when the snow has turned gray with dirt and the only sunlight you see is outside your office window, this season starts to get the better of us. According to AAA, 91.9 million Americans will travel this winter and about 30 percent of those traveling will have children in tow. While family-focused destinations like Orlando and Hawaii account for a large share of those trips, even the remotest corners of the world attract today’s family travelers.

Whether your family is getting away for a weekend of skiing or an exotic beach vacation, here are 4 tips to ensure a smooth and fun vacation.

  1. Honor your children’s schedules. Yes, it’s easy to overindulge on vacation: to let bedtimes slide and mealtimes become an all-you-can-eat marshmallow and hot cocoa buffet. But trust us, you’ll pay in the long run. Kids are flexible no doubt, but late nights, skipped naps, and overly sugary meals can lead to unhappy and uncooperative kids. Bend the rules in the name of fun, but don’t completely upend your kids’ lives.
  2. Think small. Overpacking is a chronic problem among family travelers. Like the Boy Scouts, parents are trained to be prepared for anything and that often translates into packing along too much stuff. Save your family the money, time (think long lines at baggage carousel) and hassle and pack a bag for Mom and Dad and a bag for every two kids.
  3. Technology is your friend. There are thousands of apps out there to keep kids busy en route; use them! And, for traveling parents, KIDzOUT for the iPhone allows you to find all the things your family will need far from home: restrooms with diaper changing stations, family restrooms, play places and their amenities, kid-friendly restaurants, gluten-free menus, and we hope you won’t need it, but even medical services like urgent care clinics and emergency rooms.
  4. Have fun! Realize that even with perfect planning and execution, someone (we hope under 4-feet tall) is going to have a tantrum or get irritable. Let go of unrealistic expectations of a perfect family vacation and roll with it.


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