How to Post or Comment to Facebook As a Page

by Beckie Mostello

in Facebook Tips

A while back Facebook made some changes to give users the option of posting to Facebook Pages as a Facebook Page. For instance if a Facebook user has a business page, the user can go to other pages and post  or comment as the Business Page. The business logo thumbnail will appear next to the comment/post rather than the personal profile thumbnail. This can be useful when cross promoting with another business. Of course out of common courtesy check with the Facebook Page admin before posting to their wall and use common sense with leaving a comment.

To use the option of posting or commenting as a Facebook Page follow the directions below

  1. Log into Facebook using the personal account that is attached to the Facebook Page.
  2. At the very upper left hand corner click on the drop down menu called “Account“.
  3. Click “Use Facebook as Page“, this will give you the option to post on different pages as your page. When you post or comment the business page’s logo will show in the thumbnail next to the post or comment. Therefore when you post, you are posting as your business not as your personal profile.

That’s it, super simple!

Any questions, leave a comment below

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