The Difference between a Facebook User Profile, Facebook Group & Facebook Page

by Beckie Mostello

in Facebook Tips

When getting started with Facebook it can be confusing to learn the difference between a Facebook User Profile, a Facebook Group and a Facebook Page. Below are short descriptions of each type of Facebook Accounts.

A User Profile is a place on Facebook for your personal information. The place where you can engage with your friends and keep things casual. You can add as much personal information as you’d like. There is a place for pictures, links and other random fun ways to engage with your friends.

A Facebook Group can be created or joined. Groups are formed by Facebook users around a common interest. For instance, a group can be created for a subdivision of homes to keep homeowners updated about the latest in their community. A group can be created by clicking the Groups button on the lower left hand side under a personal profile name, then click Create Group. You don’t have to be friends on Facebook to be in the same group.  Groups can be closed (private) or open.

A Facebook Page can be created for a Local Business, Company, Institution, Organization, Brand, Product, Artist, Band, Public Figure, Entertainment, Cause or Community. To start a Page, you must have a User Profile. To create a page, click on the “Create Page” button found at the very bottom on a User Profile. Facebook Pages can be made to look very dynamic with Facebook apps. There are even Facebook Apps that allow Facebook users to shop directly on a Facebook Page.  When someone “likes” a Page, friends of the person who “liked” the Page can then see that their friend “liked” the Page, and they then can also “like” the Page. Things that can be posted to a Page include, recent blog posts, sales, questions, informational content related to a business, updates, coupons etc, the ideas are endless. (Facebook suggest that the Wildfire App is used when creating contests/coupons etc.).

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