Organize Tangled Electronic Cords with AppleCore Cable Managers

by Beckie Mostello

in Tech Gadgets

Organize Electric cords

Applecore Cable Managers Organize Electric cords- Perfect to keep cords organized in computer bags

Electronic cords! Charger cords! Appliance cables! I have so many of these darn things lying around my house that I do even know what some of them connect to. Of course I don’t throw them away because it just might come up that I would need one of the cords! Often I hear a small voice call out,  “Mom where is the charger for my DS?” Ugh, the battle of the drawer full of cords begins!

Interestingly after recently having a battle of the cords, a company called, Applecore International, sent me some very handy gadgets to organize some of the crazy cords in my life. AppleCore cable managers aide in untangling and organizing pesky cords and cables. Each AppleCore cable manager seems to be made from a flexible rubber like material that makes it easy to push in a cord or cable, wrap it up and plug it in. I tried AppleCore cable managers in my house and found them to be handy, very easy to use and the “messy cable look” was gone. The cable managers come in 3 different sizes and attractive colors. Small for thinner cables such as the cord on headphones, medium for small home devices and large for long thick cables.

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