Dynotag.com: Help your Lost Stuff Get Found with QR Codes- Giveaway for First Ten Readers!

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dynotag smart tags qr codesSchool has barely begun and moms are already replacing misplaced lunch bags, umbrellas, coats, backpacks and more. These losses are a good reminder to break out the permanent marker and add contact info to all your child’s school gear…but what if it were a little more fun to track your kid’s belongings? And what if you could do it all online and for free?

A new company named Dynotag is helping moms create Smart Tags with QR codes that link to information online. These Smart Tags can then be printed out (like on Avery label sheets) and affixed to any of your child’s possessions. Info pages can include contact details or other information of your choosing and can be changed at any time.

Dynotags, which take just minutes to create, work like this: A child leaves his or her sports bag in the gym. A teacher finds it, sees the dynotag attached (which looks like a black and white coded square) and scans it with a smart phone. Viewing the info page on their phone, the teacher learns which student the bag belongs to and their homeroom class. Dynotags also come with a short URL, so a browser is all that’s needed to view the info page. Designed for tagging anything and fast, parents will be tempted to dynotag their own stuff too, from laptops and iPads to luggage, pets and more.

For even faster dynotagging, Moms can opt for ready-to use sticker sheets, backpack tags, emergency contact information cards, keychain tags in convenient kits available at Amazon.com.


The first ten readers to email support@dynotag.com and mention “TechTalkForMoms” will receive a free Dynotag starter merchandise kit by mail.




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