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Thanks to Kirsten Bischoff, Founding Partner of HATCHEDit.com, for sharing information about how HATCHEDit.com can organize family life.

 According to Salary.com the pay for family CEO should be $134,000. It is a high-stress, executive level job that includes managing multiple schedules within tight budgetary constraints, while staying focused on the emotional and physical needs of those in their charge. In many households, mom holds the job of family CEO. This is the way it is in our households. We are two moms who, like many of our friends work hard in business and even harder at home.

We developed HATCHEDit.com because as professionals in the business world we had access to the best management tools available. And yet away from the office, at home, we were working off paper calendars or white boards, and stuck communicating through long, inefficient email chains to coordinate pickups and drop-offs for kids, and to organize the various groups we belong to (school groups, activity groups, etc). With over 85 million moms in the US alone, we realized this meant there are millions of other Family CEOs without the proper executive tools to manage their family business.So, we created www.HATCHEDit.com. The (free!) site includes a family calendar, family address book, group chatting, a personalized blog roll, and much more.


Our family calendar allows for easy, color-coded organization. While everyone in the family is listed under one main account, each family member can have their own log in and password (children are not searchable on the site, nor are they allowed to communicate with anyone outside of their immediate family account). We also recognize that most Family CEOs also rely on extended family, close friends, and babysitters to keep everything running smoothly. Which is why we created HATCHEDit.com in a way that allows people to easily share (and unshare) access to their family calendar.

HATCHEDit.com also allows people connected to each other to send out invitations to individual events. Having grandpa pick up the kids from school on Tuesday? Send him an official invite. Putting a May/June dance recital on the calendar? Send out invites to aunts and uncles so that it’s on their calendar too!


We have also included a Groups function to help families streamline the way they communicate. Instead of confusing email chains that can grow unwieldy or branch off if someone forgets to hit “reply all”, Groups works as one central place to chat with other group members

Through Groups, HATCHEDit.com users can organize groups for anything from coordinating special events (set up a family group to talk about planning Thanksgiving Dinner or a group for a monthly girls’ night out) to organizing public group efforts (class mom? Have one central place to make announcements and interact with other class parents).

We hope to grow HATCHEDit.com into a family dashboard that not only allows families to organize better, but also to communicate better.

Our phone apps will be coming out in the next few weeks, and we hope that the site’s additional mobility helps make the stressful job of Family CEO a little bit easier.

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