Never Let a Daily Deal or Coupon Expire or go Unused Again

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If you buy daily deals from sites like Groupon and LivingSocial and have forgotten to use your deals (only to have them expire on you), or if you want to buy daily deals but are afraid you’ll never be able to keep track, then is the perfect tool for you.

Couptivate is a simple online daily deal wallet that stores and organizes all of your daily deal purchases. It takes just three, easy steps to set up. Then, whenever you make a purchase on a daily deal site, Couptivate automatically grabs it from that website and organizes it for you in a portfolio. It also sends you email reminders when your daily deals or coupons near expiration, lets you print deal vouchers directly from your Couptivate account, shows you the location of a deal on Google Maps and allows you to add notes and tags to deals. With Couptivate, you’ll never forget a deal again. In addition to automatically importing your daily deals, you can add other deals, coupons, store credits or any other items to your account manually to take advantage of the multitude of organizational tools that Couptivate offers. You’ll also be able to find the perfect deal for every occasion and redeeming that deal will be a breeze.

With the ability to see every daily deal you purchase on one page, you’ll no longer have to frantically search every daily deal site you belong to for that movie deal twenty minutes before show time. Looking for a fun activity for the kids? With the ability to create custom tags, you’ll be able to instantly filter all of the potential deals that fit the bill! Couptivate keeps you organized and lets you take full advantage of all of the great daily deals out there. In fact, given that Halloween is around the corner, right now is a perfect time to take advantage of the many daily deal offers on costumes.


The first ten readers to register for a Couptivate account, email and mention “TechTalkForMoms” will receive a $5 Visa gift card, perfect for spending on Halloween supplies!


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