How to Create an Anchor Text Link in WordPress

by Beckie Mostello

in Blogging Tips

Anchor Text or Text Links are a simple way to help a website’s Search Engine Optimization. An Anchor Text is a word or phrase used in content that is hyper-linked to a URL. For example, instead of typing a complete URL address, a “cleaner” way of including a link in content would be Tech Talk for Moms. Sometimes, rather than typing the title of the website, keywords can be used. For example,¬† Technology Tips, can be linked to Tech Talk for Moms.

To create an anchor link in content……

  • Type the word in content that will be hyper-linked- it can be a keyword or a website title
  • Highlight the word or phrase
  • In the WordPress Tool Bar, click the Link icon¬†
  • A pop-up box will appear, type or paste the URL of the website that will be linked (Be Careful NOT to type “http://” twice, this will make the link not work)
  • Check the link in the Preview mode before the blog is published to make sure the link works
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