How to Optimize a Blog’s Database

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by Beckie Mostello

in Blogging Tips

Sometimes blogs can start to load slow and get bogged down with all of the information added to them. This may mean that the blog’s database needs to be Optimized so that the blog’s loading speed will increase. Here are some simple “non-techie” instructions on how to optimize a blog’s database.

  1. Log into the blog’s hosting account  example: Go Daddy, Host Gator, Blue Host etc….
  2. Click to enter your Hosting Package
  3. Look for access to the Database Admin area. Look for phpMyAdmin or it may say Database Manager,  enter the database’s user and password. (for some hosting accounts you may need to enter the database user and password for other hosting accounts you may not need to enter the user and password) If you do not know your database user and password contact the hosting support
  4. After you are logged into the Database Admin, look on the left hand side for a very long number, this is the name of the Database, click on the number otherwise known as the Database name.
  5. A Table will appear, at the very bottom of the Table  click on “CHECK ALL or SELECT ALL
  6. Then there is a small drop down box that says “WITH SELECTED” choose the drop down choice that says “OPTIMIZE TABLE” .

And that’s it, you’re done.

How often should a database be optimized? Depends on how “active” the blog is. If the blog is very active then once a week.


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