Website Design Choices- Custom Design Website or Template Website?

by Beckie Mostello

in DIY Technology Tips for Small Business

“We have a website, why aren’t lots people finding it via our keywords?” Have you heard this or thought this same thing? …..Well, lots of times small businesses will use a website template and quickly place a website online. Over time, the small business may then start to wonder why isn’t the website getting lots of traffic? Just because a business has an”overnight” website does not mean that it will have lots of traffic.

There are lots of decisions to make before the creation of a website. One important decision to make is whether the website should be a custom web design or a website created using a “out of the box” website template.

Custom Designed Website- Pros And Cons

  • The web designer will create a website that is completely unique to your business
  • The website is coded from the back-end and should/may include Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom graphics will fit nicely¬† and easily onto the site
  • If you choose a custom created site, talk to the web designer about incorporating a Content Management System such as WordPress or Drupal so that website updates can be made by you or an employee
  • The process to create a custom site takes longer than the creation of a template site
  • A custom site requires a higher budget, when you talk to a developer ask if SEO services are included within that budget

Template Website- Pros and Cons

  • Templates are great for a low budget
  • Template websites can be developed in a shorter amount of time
  • A Template website can be created without knowing HTML/CSS coding, however consider that “Time is Money”
  • Some aspects of the template theme may be able to be customized. When choosing a website template, usually “what you see” on the template is “what you get”. Some templates have built in options for colors and fonts,¬† but commonly colors and fonts that are coded into the template cannot be changed
  • Lots of other businesses could be using the same template
  • Template may not be properly coded for SEO
  • Educate your self about the template support, if you run into problem while creating the site, check to see what type of support is provided by the template developer?
  • Sometimes custom graphics will not fit into the image areas predetermined on the template

Whether you decided to go with a custom web design or a template website, planning a website takes time and a well executed plan.

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