Parenting in the Age of Facebook

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social shield internet safetyParenting is hard enough and the popularity of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace has added to the challenge. With the average teen having 265 Facebook friends, parents can no longer keep track of who their kids friends are, let alone what they’re doing online. Beyond the clear dangers of cyberbullying and online predators, the majority of colleges now look at social network profiles of applicants. There is no question we need to extend our parenting to our kids’ online world.

Protecting your kids online and helping them learn how to be responsible on the social Web is now much easier with social network monitoring like SocialShield. These services are easy to set-up and scan deep into the social networks most kids use – seeing even what parents can’t – and automatically send an alert if there is any suspicious activity related to your child. Parents get peace of mind knowing they will be alerted of any inappropriate or harmful activity while kids get the privacy and personal space they want as long as they use LOL (lots of laughs) or B4N (bye for now) – and not BIH (Burn in Hell), UDI (unidentified drinking injury) or GNOC (get naked on cam).

Kids spend hours a day socializing unsupervised on social networks. It’s incumbent upon parents now to extend their parenting to the online world. Check out SocialShield’s 60-day free trial at

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