Communicating with your Family is Fast Easy & Free with Wiggio

by Guest Blogger

in Websites

Communicating with your family by simply leaving notes or updating the white board calendar on the refrigerator is no longer effective — you’re more likely to reach your family through the mediums from which they’re inseparable: computers and cell phones. This may seem complicated; however, communicating with your family electronically can be just as simple as writing a Post-It-Note. is a free online toolkit that makes it easy to communicate with groups. With Wiggio, you can send mass text messages; create events on a shared calendar, assign tasks with to-do lists, and more within a simple website. Your family will receive email and text message reminders/notifications for events, deadlines and messages, so everyone will always be in the loop. Best of all – they have a free iPhone app that allows you to communicate on the go. You can create a group for your family right now for free by visiting

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