Mobio Go- A Hands-Free Car Mount for Mobile Devices

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by Beckie Mostello

in iPad Accessories

Parents do a lot of chauffeuring and while driving, parents like to keep in contact with spouses, work, family members and friends. I know when I am in the car, the last thing I want to do is dig in my purse for my iPhone. I use the Google Maps App often when driving to unfamiliar destinations and sometimes I have a hard time driving while looking at the map. I needed something that would make my phone easily assessable and in viewing distance.

Mobio, a company which creates products that make mobile devices more useful and convenient, sent a Mobio Go device for me to try. Mobio Go is a handsfree, completely adjustable car mount for safe driving. The Mobio Go is simple to install and works well. The magnetic mount held my iPhone and I ‘m able to adjust my phone for optimal viewing.

Mobio offers two other products besides the Mobio Go. The Mobio Grip, which allows a mobile device to be held anywhere and the Mobio Pivot, an adjustable stand which allows the user to adjust the device for better viewing at various angles.

The Mobio Facebook Page offers giveaways and information about upcoming Mobio Products. I look forward to new inventive gadgets from Mobio.


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