How Are You? An Educational App to Help Children develop Empathy

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by Beckie Mostello

in iPad Apps for Kids

My son and I recently tested a fun app called, “How are you?” developed by and designer Giorgia Graziadei. The educational app was created for kids to encourage and develop empathy by recognizing their own emotions so that they can learn to recognize emotions and feelings in others. “How are you?” app is designed for children 3- 6 years old and for people on the autistic spectrum. It would be really great if educational apps for children with disabilities could be deducted when you e-file your tax return wouldn’t it?”

The app has 2 different game modes. play consists of two steps clearly differentiated but intimately close: to build an emotion and to take a picture mimicking it. The game allows the player to choose between one of twelve possible emotions with the aim of reconstructing a feeling by selecting an eye expression and a mouth. A tip that shows the emotional ready built can help the user up to three times. Once the emotion is recreated, the camera appears automatically, giving the user the chance of taking a picture mimicking the expression that he or she previously built. The goal is to help players generalize the expression recognizing it in their own face. The photo is taken before a 3 to 1 countdown, and it can be repeated as many times as the player desires, saving the picture that represents the emotion better only. Once the child has played with any emotion, the player can go to the see photos activity from the main menu.The app lets children play by recognizing the emotions if we see them all together, or make emphasis in any feeling in particular by selecting the emotion, and by seeing only those photos associated to such emotion.

My son enjoyed playing “How are you?” We had a bit of trouble figuring how it worked at first, then we realized the instructions are on the itunes download page.  When we read the directions, we caught on quick. One suggestion I would make is to have the emotion words read aloud to children. My son is a young reader, he struggled a bit with the emotion words. I read the words to him.  After we played around, he finally caught on and had fun!

To learn more about “How are you?” visit them on Facebook.





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